Monthly Archives: October 2007

IXDA event

Tonight’s IXDA Design Studio event, featured Liquidnet’s Joshua Seiden and Smart Design’s Ted Booth. Tons of fun – thanks to Faith and Bianka for being such great teammates. We were put into groups and given a design problem to solve. Everyone did a stellar job and it was a good learning session. looking forward to more events like this.

The Masters Series: Steven Heller

Great Q&A with Michael Bierut and Steven Heller.

Notes: Bierut wore stripped socks while Heller donned polka dots- only noticed this detail because the auditorium was packed and i sat on the floor- made for a great view of their socks and up their nostrils,, err… they had a fun discussion where they touched on Heller’s accomplishments –> screw magazine to nytimes art editor of 33 years to establishing the mfa program at sva 10 years ago to triskaidekaphobia. his favorite font is busorama and least favorite hobo. really enjoyed the wisdom and banter.

heller recommended:
The Shape of Content – Ben Shahn
The Assault on Reason – Al Gore
The Elements of Typographic Style- Robert Bringhurst
William Addison Dwiggins