Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion in Central Park

During my lunch break I walked through Central Park to take a look at the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion. Unfortunately it was sold out for the day and the stand-by ticket line was too long (about one hour wait)- so I had to settle for an exterior viewing. Damn, I really should lobby for a 3 hour lunch.

Here are some quick impressions:
i was underwhelmed by Zaha Hadid’s “pod” and was more drawn to the mirrored cube (a ticket booth?) adjacent to the “pod”. The mirrored structure had a nice interaction with the environment and highlighted the change in season. It created great foliage scenes where is was hard to distinguish the “actual” from the “reflected”. This was way more poetic and surprising for me.

Also, I couldn’t help but compare the overall experience to the last art exhibit/event I attended in central park, the Gates project. The Gates created a public, all inclusive, friendly experience. Volunteers stationed throughout the park answered questions, shoved snow, and gave out memorabilia- the coveted orange swatch. Warm fuzzy feeling all around. Although I haven’t actually been “in” the Chanel Mobile Art gallery, while I walked around the gated pavilion listening to the other worldly music, it gave the impression of a precious marketing event for the selected few. I came away wondering if this is the best use for the park.

Despite my bad mouthing, I am still interested to see the interior. We’ve organized a group outing (meaning me, ralph and whomever we can dupe into going) on Tuesday, 10.28.08 8:15 AM. So if you happen to be finishing up a night in the rambles- stop by the pavilion. We’ll be the ones in the stand-by line.

Oct. 20 to Nov. 9
Rumsey Playfield in Central Park
Chanel Mobile Art website

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