SVA Dot Dot Dot “The Curators”

Lecture: The Curators March 11, 2009

Curatorial strategies are spilling out of galleries and museums and into our everyday design practices. As emphasis shifts from designer to consumer, the vital role of designer is often that of mediator, shaping ideas and content created by others into another user experience. How have these new pivots changed the role of designer from one of artisan to one of curator? Four lecturers speak to curation as a way of design life, and how their audiences learn from, are inspired by, and gain insights from it.

* Jen Bekman, Founder/Curator Jen Bekman Gallery and 20×200
* Nicholas Felton, Graphic Designer, co-founder, Daytum
* Rebekah Hodgson, Senior User Interface Designer, Etsy; Lead Web and Interface Designer, Blurb
* Jason Kottke, Blogger and Designer

Wednesday, March 11
6:30PM – 8:30PM PM
White Rabbit