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SVA rocks it with a MFA in IxD

Over the weekend I attended the information session for the School of Visual Arts Masters of Fine Art degree in Interaction Design. The department’s chair, Liz Danzico, an expert in information architecture and usability, gave an impressive overview of the curriculum and introduced several faculty members who spoke about their background and upcoming courses.

Karen McGrane, founding partner of Bond Art+ Science, kicked it off with her “From Typing to Swiping” IGNITE presentation which she plans to use as a base for her 5 week course, History of Interaction Design.

Rachel Abrams, Creative Director, Turnstone Consulting LLC , spoke of her background at the Royal College of Art and her approach to the Strategies in Design course.

Robert Faludi, Resident Researcher, ITP New York University, introduced his Fundamentals of Physical Computing course and got me excited about circuit boards and input/outputs.

Jill Nussbaum, Creative Director, R/GA, spoke about the recent Nike+ project and her course Design in Public Space.

It looks like a fantastic program for people who have a few years experience and want to go back to school full time.