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Social Influence Social Media & the Enterprise

Event description:
In his discussion “Going Social Now,” Shiv Singh, head of the Avenue A | Razorfish social media practice, discussed how the rise of social media has created a new form of marketing altogether, social influence marketing. He discussed research studies that help explain why some online communities are more successful than others.

I loved Shiv Singh’s presentation. His ideas motivated me to think about how my projects can utilize social networking marketing. I work as an in house designer at an educational nonprofit and we are beginning to review how and where to use discussion boards. I would like more suggestions on how to sell social networking and social networking marketing within an organization.

A Social network is a set of people connected by a set of social relationships.

What’s missing is that great brands are not letting us use social media in the browse/choose/buy process.

We should employ social influence marketing as a part of the entire life cycle of a brand.

This is a new market dimension:
Brand marketing
Direct Marketing
NEW- Social Influence Marketing

The web isn’t LINEAR anymore and each web page becomes an entire site.

“Chase the consumer” don’t trap the consumer or make them stay on your site.
Design POROUS sites that support the flow.
Think of how each visitor can become an influencer.
Let the online and the offline BLUR.

Don’t leave the conversation to the Marketing department.
OPEN THE DISCUSSION UP to all employees.

Shiv Singh shared some great examples – here they are:

OFFICE DEPOT allows Facebook sharing capabilities before you purchase an item.

OFFICE DEPOT allows sharing capabilities before purchasing

AMAZON adds a discussion feature for customers to create book discussions.

HR BLOCK has a Twitter account.

MY STARBUCKS encourages customers to review and give suggestions about products.

So has blogging peaked? Does my voice matter?
He says yes.

He asks clients, “Would you like someone speaking ill of you behind your back, or while you are in the room?” Most clients want to be in that room so they can hear complaints and do something about them. Another reason blogs continue to have relevancy is because there is so much information- we rely on each other.

Community Learnings:
weak ties are more powerful then strong ties
– Marc Granovetter

information is diffused through weak ties.
strong ties are insular and closed.

How social networks work:
People join networks if they already have friends on them.
Growth happens in the giant component.
Network size has a complex influence on members.
People will collaborate online if they trust you offline.
If you ask people to collaborate you must HAVE A GOOD REASON.

Check out these dudes:
Marc Granovetter
Linton C. Freeman
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